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In my AI Adventures I test and use AI in the real world to save time, resources and money.

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My name is Lars de Rooy, and I’m an AI enthusiast with a background in marketing and business optimalisation. I inspire, inform, and implement AI in various businesses.

How does AI Adventures help my business with Artificial intelligence?

Explore AI possibilities for your business

As an online marketer I use AI on a daily base for my independent business and my clients.

With my enthusiasm and practical experience using AI in the real world, I help people who believe AI can bring their business to the forefront.

I document my daily endeavors with Artificial Intelligence via my Youtube channel AI Adventures with Lars de Rooy.

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About AI Adventures.

I started AI Adventures because I was afraid of the AI unknown. Therefore I challenged myself to use as much AI as possible for 30 days. Nowadays I test and use AI tools in the marketing and business space.


Lars de Rooy

I’m from The Netherlands, I help businesses with my marketing company and teach and help business to use AI.
I love do travel, sport, and I’m co founder of CrossFit box The Socials Sport.

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